Fedora Test Day recap – Anaconda NetworkManager

I’m overdue for a blog about last weeks Fedora Test Day. Our focus this round was exercising Anaconda NetworkManager integration in Fedora 10 Beta. In preparation for the day, David Cantrell pulled together several fixes for issues discovered since the beta was released.

In addition to pulling an all nighter, David outlined expectations by way of a test matrix. Despite the presence of bug#465250, the following test matrix was used throughout the day to ensure all common methods of booting the installer and providing network configuration were exercised.

PXE Boot boot.iso
Anaconda NetworkManager Test Matrix
Boot argument dhcp static dhcp static
Network device selection parameters
Network device configuration parameters
(also includes gateway=, dns= and netmask=)
Other parameters that require an active network connection

Thanks to all who helped gather test feedback for David last week (including johannbg). By populating the test matrix we can be sure that Anaconda and NetworkManager will be the best of friends for Fedora 10.

Stay tuned for another Fedora Test Day focusing on GlitchFreeAudio and SecurityAudit. Hope to see you there 🙂

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