XO Performance

Until now, one of the biggest impediments to testing the XO has been getting the thing to boot.  Once booted, you have 3mb left to work with.  There isn’t much room to begin to debug where the pain points are.

The good news is that Fedora 10 Beta – snapshot#1 was announced on Friday.  Performance using the snap#1 live image has dramatically improved.  While by no means a speed demon, there is definitely more room to begin to exercise the hardware/software.  As Steve Salevan pointed out, one can actually start the webcam application cheese.

Additionally, there has been some good discussion on fedora-test-list regarding improvements that can bemade.  I’d like to request we begin capturing performance issues into the wiki starting at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestPlans/XO_Performance.  Whether it’s …

  • changes to the package-set on the Live image (e.g. opera or other)
  • kernel tunables (/proc/sys/kernel/*)
  • GNOME session property changes
  • run-level configuration changes (/sbin/{chkconfig,service} are your friends )
  • other?

… please post your ideas and findings.

With all the peformance findings in one place … we can bring any performance-related recommendations to the Fedora On XO release engineering crew (aka katzj).

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