Fedora 11 Test Days – DRAFT schedule

I posted a DRAFT schedule of upcoming Test Day slots to the fedoraproject.org wiki. The schedule now includes major release milestones which makes it easier to see where each slot falls in the schedule. Unfortunately, it has the downside of making the schedule larger and possibly less readable?

I’ll be reaching out to development leads and FESCO members in the coming days to get a better feel for what F11 features they’d like Test Day coverage on. The list of Test Day candidates starts with the Fedora 11 feature list.

Fedora QA needs your help …

Developing a feature for Fedora 11?
Please make sure your efforts get the publicity they deserve by creating a feature page. The process is succinctly outlined at Features/Policy. Currently planned features are available for review.
Does a Fedora 10 feature need extra loving?
Perhaps there is additional polish needed on a Fedora 10 feature? Test Days prior to the Alpha are great for revisiting previously released features to iron out any usability or integration kinks.
Have a new test tool or process that you’d like to discuss?
Test Days are a great forum for discussion and demonstration of software in support of quality control. In addition, there is a world of quality assurance process and procedure out there. Come share your QA expertise.

Please drop me a line if you’d like to request a Test Day topic.

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