2009-10-08 – RAID Test Day

"Really, a RAID test day? Thanks sounds boring." Well, if you don’t like baby seals, or don’t care about disk redundancy, than you might not be interested.

But the good news about a Fedora Test Day is that it offers an opportunity to test drive the upcoming release. Whether testing the focus of the day, a previous test day topic, or just a use case/environment you are familiar with, any feedback is good feedback. To get started …

  1. Download an image – Thanks to Kevin Fenzi, live images of Rawhide are built daily and available for download. If a live image doesn’t strike your fancy, download a rawhide boot.iso instead.
  2. Prepare your media – There are several different ways you can make use of the live image, including burning to a CD/DVD, writing to a USB stick, or booting under a virtual guest. I’m lazy, so unless my tests require physical hardware … I always go virtual.
  3. Tell us what works – Join IRC and tell us what works and what could be improved. File a bug.

Additionally, if you’re interesting in improving the install experience for RAID users, please do stop by. Members of the installer development team are at the ready and in need of your feedback. If you have a system with BIOS RAID or hardware RAID, or just a frequent user of software RAID, your feedback is important.

See you on #fedora-test-day on irc.freenode.net this Thursday, October 8, 2009.

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