Power Management Test Day reloaded

This Thursday, October 22, 2009 #fedora-test-day will be host to another test day focused on Power Management improvements in Fedora 12. This round features improvements to the tuned service along with a merge of another performance monitoring tool ktune. Testing is requested against several environments, including X, laptops and single-user mode.

When we first started the Test Day format in Fedora, there was hope that eventually this would provide a forum for test scripts and automation. If you participated in the previous Power Management event, you may notice a few improvements along these lines. Phil Knirsch, Marcela Maslanova, Petr Lautrbach and Jiri Skala have combined forces (think transformers) and are offering a test day package available for download that contains several scripts to aid testing and packaging test results. According to the wiki, once you follow the instructions to install the required package, running a test should be as simple as running the command: testday-run-testname. Following each test, package up the results with the testday-pack-results command, and upload the resulting .tar.gz file.

I’m looking forward to joining and hope others have time to share their power management results. As always, check out the test day wiki for more information.

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