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From pass to fail … israwhidebroken doing it’s job

With Fedora 12 on it’s way to mirrors and to a Tuesday general availability, I’ve been watching our internal test instance of On Saturday, November 14th, Fedora rawhide and Fedora 12 bid each other farewell.

Friday, November 13th, 2009 Saturday, November 14th, 2009

After a quick analysis, the new failures seem to be the result of:

  • A possible bug in the repo sanity verification test on ppc (see autoqa-results test output)
  • i386 and x86_64 installs are failing while downloading the file images/install.img
                          ┌────────────┤ Error ├────────────┐                       
                          │                                 │                       
                          │ Unable to retrieve              │                       
                          │ http://download.fedoraproject.o │                       
                          │ rg/pub/fedora/linux/development │                       
                          │ /x86_64/os//images/install.img. │                       
                          │                                 │                       
                          │             ┌────┐              │                       
                          │             │ OK │              │                       
                          │             └────┘              │                       
                          │error reading header: cpio: read failed -│Success                
                          │                                 │                       

    Further digging shows there may be a networking problem related to setting up the default route. See 537870 – Failure to download images/install.img – error reading header: cpio: read failed

The existing ppc failures observed prior to the change in rawhide are due to our current test harness. Libvirt –accelerated installs are not supported on ppc64 at this time, so the installation test is failing as expected in that environment.