2010-02-25 – Test Day – Yum Langpack Plugin

This Thursday, 2010-02-25, come join the Yum Langpack Plugin Test Day.

The event will focus on a yum plugin that allows langpacks to be automatically installed for your native language. Testers who frequently install Fedora with additional languages are encouraged to join.

In the past, one had to manually apply the langpack packages for any post-install software additions. For example, if you installed your system with the Polish locale, and at a later date you want to install KDE or Openoffice.org, additional steps were required. You had to remember to install the appropriate language package (e.g. kde-i18n-Polish or openoffice.org-langpack-pl_PL). However, with yum-langpacks installed, additional language packs will installed as needed when installing new software.

The test day prescribes several test cases that can be easily followed on a Fedora 12 system. Additionally, for those interested in helping test Fedora 13 Alpha, further tests are available. The Test Day runs all day in freenode IRC #fedora-test-day. As with any test day, if you can’t make it to the live event, you can always provide feedback at a later date.

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