AutoQA help wanted — initscript verification

In Fedora QA, we’ve been looking to simplify integration of existing tests into AutoQA.  With thanks to Petr Muller, a commonly used test library called beakerlib is now available in Fedora.  Beakerlib provides a nice API to make test development simpler for testers.  If you are familiar with other test frameworks (e.g. unittest, nose, junit, xunit etc…), you should feel right at home.  Since it’s no fun to have a test library without tests, folks from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux QA and Fedora QA teams have been integrating tests designed to automate aspects of the fedora package update acceptance test plan.

Quantities limited, apply today!

One batch of tests are designed to validate LSB compliance for SysV initscripts.  As a proof-of-concept, Josef Skladanka committed several tests for a subset of initscripts.  The good news, as new packages were built the tests behaved properly (see results for samba and openssh).  The bad news, we need more tests!  Josef answered the call and committed another batch of initscript tests.

While discussing the effort, we both felt it was a good time to open this up to fellow contributors.  The idea is simple.  We need help making sure the recent initscript tests behave as expected.  One just needs to …

  1. install the appropriate packages
  2. run the test
  3. report your findings

Pretty easy, right?  I know, famous last words.  We’re hoping to offer more events of this style in the future.  The hope, of course, is that by validating, or contributing, automated tests, you are helping to increase package acceptance test coverage and expose more people to the possibilities using AutoQA.

If you’d like to help, the procedure is documented at


2 responses to “AutoQA help wanted — initscript verification

  1. yes, is easy, but it’s None of business for end user. auto-result mailing list has lots of testing logs. It’s not easy for other people outside redhat to join this project, as well as beakerlib project, since all the lab machine and resource is NOT publib.

    • Greetings Ray, I think you are confusing the beaker and beakerlib projects. Beakerlib is a shell library used to help writing quick test scripts. Beaker is an inventory and test harness management tool. This blog post is focused on the beakerlib project. Beakerlib is really pretty easy, it’s just bash, so it works on any system and does not require additional infrastructure. If you’re having trouble using beakerlib, come to #fedora-qa and share your pain.

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