Fedora 15 Alpha release candidate in sight

If you’ve been following the Fedora 15 schedule, you probably are aware that the Alpha is looming.  Getting the Alpha to line-up with the release criteria has always been a challenge.  There is only so much you can cram into a six month release schedule.  The QA team starts testing candidate builds before F15 has been branched from rawhide.  In addition, due to the gcc-4.6 feature, all packages must be rebuilt.  Testing a moving target is … difficult.

In addition to daily rawhide/branched updates testing, we attempt to reduce the risk with several small early test runs (called rawhide acceptance test), a simulated release candidate ISO drop (called the test compose), and we pepper the weeks leading up to a release candidate testing (F-15-Alpha.TC1), and blocker bug reviews.  The first review was held last Friday, and another is planned for this Friday.

F15Alpha blocker bugs

Proposing a blocker bug is easy.  Simply add the text F15Alpha to the Blocks field of any bugzilla.redhat.com bug. It’s also helpful to provide some impact statement as to what users or use cases are hindered by the bug. Often, we cut and paste from the release criteria to keep things simple.  You can find the full details on the wiki.  If you aren’t sure … send a message to test@lists.fedoraproject.org with details.

The F15Alpha blocker list is very manageable at the moment.  However, we have another test compose (TC2), and release candidate (RC) yet to test.  Fedora contributors perform miracles on a regular basis, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to line up all the moving targets in time. If you’d like to help get Fedora 15 Alpha released on time (QA sign-off is February 23), please contribute test feedback or keep approved blocker bugs updated and accurate.

The current approved, but unresolved, blocker bugs are listed below for convenience …

  • 676485 (distribution) – repoclosure fails on 15-Alpha.TC1
  • 674978 (gdm) – GDM in autologon error loop
  • 676904 (livecd-tools) – osmin.img is sometimes not a valid squashfs on livecd images
  • 672265 (livecd-tools) – “Install to harddrive” fails with “not a live image”
  • 670379 (firstboot) – Unknown lvalue ‘ValidNoProcess’ in section ‘Service’.
  • 579838 (binutils) – glibc not compatible with AMD Geode LX

Image by tanakawho via flickr used under a Creative Commons license


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