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FUDCon Tempe plan

Busy week!  Fedora 15 Test Days started with a fairly visible change to network device names.  A fair amount of autoqa testing and review in preparation for the upcoming release.  And of course … FUDCon Tempe kicks off tomorrow morning.  Leading up to each event, I always experience some anxiety trying to figure out how best to make use of my time, and Red Hat’s dollars.  Like clockwork, that anxiety returned on the weeks leading up to FUDCon Tempe.  I thought I’d share my goals for the event before the fun gets started.  No sense in delaying further, the fun starts in the morning …

  • AutoQA talk – I’m assuming most of the users+developers in attendance have heard about the autoqa project before.  It has occupied many cycles, especially on the lead up to autoqa-0.4.4.  I’d like to pitch a talk to discuss where we are, roadblocks/challenges, what’s coming next, and the shameless solicitation for help
  • Autotest packaging – After an in depth search for reasonable flights, Lucas Rodrigues, upstream autotest maintainer, arrived in Phoenix on Thursday.  With Lucas in town, we’d like to host a hackfest session to help package autotest so it is ready for package review.  The web front-ends in autotest are built using gwt, which has some java build requirements.  I’m no java expert, so one idea is package autotest without the web front-end.  A FUDCon hackfest session seems like a perfect place to work through the issues.
  • Test case management – A few weeks back, Hurry began identifying Fedora QA workflows and use cases in an effort to determine if the nitrate project would be a good fit for our test events.  Samuel Greenfeld (OLPC) provided some feedback on the list and has been experimenting with nitrate as well as other test case management systems.  I’m anxious to talk with Samuel, document his experiences and use cases in the hope we can better understand our own needs.
  • QA – Fedora 15 is heating up.  This week it was the Network Device renaming test day, next week, the first of several GNOME3 test days.  I’d like to sync up with Adam Williamson and offer any help preparing tests for the upcoming test day.  GNOME3 is a huge change from what you might be used to.  It’s going to frighten some folks, it’s already angered others, but hopefully some people will welcome the change.  Either way it’s just that … a big change, and it’s going to need a lot of help filing bugs and identifying any gaps.

Hope to see you at FUDCon Tempe!