SSSD by default Test Day (Tuesday 2010-03-30)

Just posted to test-announce list, but I thought I would pass this along for folks not subscribed.

This will be a busy week for the Fedora QA team.  As Adam pointed out, beta candidate testing is underway.  Kamil and Jiří Moskovčák will host a test day on the Automatic bug detection and reporting tool (aka ABRT) this Thursday.  Last, but not least, there will be a Test Day this Tuesday on SSSD by default.

SSSD isn’t new to Fedora 13.  In fact, it first arrived in Fedora 11 (see previous test day almost 1 year ago).  However in Fedora 13, it will be the default whenever setting up network identity or authentication.  Also, a new and improved graphical user interface (authconfig) configuration utility is available.  The utility will be presented during firstboot, or can be accessed from the System Administration Authentication menu item.

New authconfig graphical interface!

As with just about every Test Day, live images and easy-to-follow test cases are available for participants.  While it’s best to test your own identity & authentication services, LDAP and kerberos servers are available for test day participants.  So there is no excuse for not contributing your results.

Come join #fedora-test-day on this Tuesday.  SSSD and authconfig developers and testers are available to help triage problems.

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